Item Button Question

I have a question. How do you make a button that only a player with a certain item can press. I know there’s an Item Manager device thing but I don’t know how to make what I want work.

Use a checker.

I’ll try thanks. (Extra)

That didn’t work. Well it did but it worked the same way without an item checker.

What I want to change is in multiplayer only the player with the item can press the button. I might just be doing it wrong though. Because if I do the item checker and it detects the item and activates the button both players can press it.

Wire the button to a checker. Have it check for your item. Then if the check passes wire it to where ever. Have the checker check for more than 0 of your item.

This is my last post before I leave the forum so if you still need help don’t ask me.


Oh ok thanks for helping!

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Aww thanks gimsolver. Ill always be a part of dod


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