It is Possible For Gimkit To Make A Creative Game Mixed with an All around and Platformer

Is it possible for Gimkit to make a third game mode where it is mixed with an All around and Platformer combined.

That would be cool but it isn’t in currently

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I know but I wonder what would happen if Gimkit did that

I don’t think it goes in help then.

then what does it go in?

This is off topic no talking about future or possible non future updates leave them in the ideas box.

Keep it here

that would be very cool! maybe they should implement it through camera devices?


ikr It would be kinda nice if they did


you could make it so they are traveling through different dimensions.

hmmm I’ll think about it

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Lol, bro thought I was getting reported…

Just make a solution and stop getting off topic. Please and thank you

stop chatting you guys.

suggest ideas here:

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yes, i was giving them the solution.

Mark the solution pls

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