Island names for my game

I am making a game in which you have to go from island to island to collect keys and solve puzzles to escape. I need names and ideas for the islands.
I already have an island that I dont have a name for. It is a farming island. I also need help with naming this island.

Thanks in advance!

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Farming island name ideas:

  • Isle of produce/fresh goods/farming
  • Agriculture Island
  • Growing Shores
  • Farmer’s Land

Other island names:
1: Frozen island

  • Frozen isles
  • Chilly Shores
  • Iceberg
  • Glacier Land

2: Lava island

  • Burnt island
  • Volcanic Shore
  • Lava atoll
  • Magma archipelago

3: desert island

  • Deserted beach

4: tropical island

  • Rainy isles
  • Jungle Islands
  • Jungle archipelago
  • Rainforest islet
  • Wild (something)

5: city island

  • Urban islet
  • Skyscraper

6: Castle island

  • Island of settlements
  • Conquering Isles
  • Castle shores

7: magical island

  • wonderland
  • Enchanted isles
  • Magical atoll
  • the purple islands

idk what else to put I have writer’s block lol
Coming up with more!
Also please tell us what islands you would like names for!


Islandus Maximus (for the biggest island)
West Edge
New Island

Farming Island:
Cultivation Cove
Irrigation Island
Agriculture Archipelago
Gardening Isle

Other Ideas
-Rainforest Island

  • Rainforest Refuge
  • Rainforest Retreat
  • Jungle Isle
  • Jungle Oasis

-Relaxation Island

  • Tranquility Isle
  • Relaxation island (lmao)
  • Placidity Place
  • Calm Cay

I’ll figure out more in a bit.


Pirate Island:

  • Redbeard’s Refuge
  • Pirate Peninsula
  • Blackbeard’s Bay
  • Shipwreck Reef
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  • Shores of Imagination

  • Nightmare Bay

  • DayDream Cliffs

2.Abandoned Valleys:

  • Faded Isles

  • The Haunted City

  • Deserted Mountains

  • Ruins of the Palace


  • Shark Peninsula

  • Sand Shores

  • Poseidon’s Bay

  • Turtle Reef

4.Farming Island

  • Corny Shores

  • Agriculture Valleys

  • Dairy Seaside

  • PitchFork Castle


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