Is Wix site actually where I can paste codes?

Is Wix site actually where I can paste codes?
Also, Why is nobody accepting my request for getting in wix code sharing?

This one: is where you share codes
And What is your username, I can accept requests into groups

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Yes, it is the only place, you have to talk to the owners of the site to know why you aren’t being accepted, and please mark this as a solution because this is considered off-topic.

Not just the owners can accept group requests.
I’m a moderator there and we’re always happy to have new members!
But sometimes the requests aren’t accepted for a while

Just Kev
thx btw
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Can you accept my request?
Mine username is Random_
Or Random_dude123 if it don’t work


Ok, accepted!

I don’t see any requests under that user

I can ping you tomorrow when I request, because it only works in school for some reason


Scruw THIS
i pasted a code, and a bucha people came in and deleted about 50% of my work that I spent a month on. as the map is big, I didn’t catch them until they came to the thing I was working on and I removed them all, and got out of creative. I’m quitting for a week because of this
Scruw THIS

Lesson learned, don’t give a bunch of 9 years olds editing power


Fr man
Scruw this
Scruw this

Did you get the usernames? Or was it random/anonymous usernames

Sorry to hear man. I can relate. Sometimes my work gets deleted out of nowhere and I have to redo it.

SAME THING HAPPENED when I posted on the wix

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The exact reason why you don’t give anonymous people editing power.

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