Is typing answers possible to create?

Everyone knows that in Gimkit you answer questions in most game modes but it’s always a multiple choice of 4 options. I want to create typing answers in Gimkit Creative. If someone knows how to create a mechanic that uses a keyboard or buttons on screen then please tell me :smiley: Also don’t suggest the keyboard guide because that is way too large…

You mean when answering questions or the game itself?

game itself. bc I will kinda be making my own questioner. you know like those type or d1e games

You can make a kit that makes you type the answer but if your wanting completely in GKC then the key board guide is your best option.


You can do it by using a popup and then using calls to actions to make buttons. You can only do 2 calls to actions tho…

I thought of that, and yes I know there are only 2 call to actions, but the player would have to wait forEVER to get to letter z

Is there a way that properties and questioners can interact?

You could make it so when correct it changes the property and when incorrect,so I guess.


did you read the full topic post…?

oh wait im sorry :sob:

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I’m currently helping someone out rn but I’ll try this later!

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It’s okay, we all make mistakes; we just have to learn from them


if u using a kit that u made, just go to edit the kit, u can click on make a new question, or edit it, and u can make it to where u can type the answer, does this help?

Someone already suggested this and it kinda does… depends if what I do tomorrow actually works… I don’t think that detecting the question is possible tho… hmmm

What kind of way do you want the answers detected? Correct ,Incorrect or something else?

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I actually want the QUESTIONS detected… actually idk. I think it would work if the answer itself got detected and not if it was correct or incorrect bc I want it to detect length of the word/answer but there would be multiple different words/answers. Ex question. What is a type of fruit?

ok, hold on, let me think, i just had a thought, but then i lost it

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maybe you could make a kit per each question so that the game will know what question it is and what the incorrect and correct answers are. You could make it so when you answer one question it goes to the next or you could make a randomizer in a trigger to make it do random questions like normal kits. Please tell me if this is confusing.

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So close! I would still need to detect the length of the word that is typed in…

I dont think there is any way to detect the actual answer they typed though sorry…

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