Is this update Or a Bug?

Map Options???

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O Memory The only thing that doesn’t use memory that’s a thing in layers???

what do you mean bro

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I think its a bug probably

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I am definitely missing something, what do you mean what’s your question

In Below Map Options are click able

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I see now yes that is definitely a bug

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that is a bug, and also REALLY FUNNY.

this has been in the game for a while, been mentioned a few times in the forums too.
not much we can really do about it except reload and hope its gone. Definitely not an update though. More likely a bug.


Even though It’s useful You don’t haft to do a lot of stuff to get to map Options for now


I mean, ya. and also this would be a very funny april fools joke


I am checking my world right now

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maybe not. its not in my world oddly.

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Well I just made this world :slight_smile:

hmm ok let me try that

XD its beautiful

Did you just ping josh

never ping mods its hard enough for them to handle the forums


What does ping mean??

well, its not happening to me. :frowning_face: