Is this possible...?

So basically I want to make it so that after a set amount of time, 20 players are teleported to 20 different locations based on their teams. Is this possible?

yes. it is very much so.

it most likely is, but I have no idea how

when in the game does this happen?

how? with lifecycles and triggers?

what do you mean when in the game

oh so when the game starts, everyone starts in a certain area. after 60 seconds, everyone is teleported to different locations

place the spawners for all 20 teams for wherever they are supposed to be teleported after the 60 seconds. then wire the lifecycle on game start to a wire repeater with 0.1 second delay [event occurs → repeat wire pulse]. Then wire the wire repeater to a relay for all players [wire pulse repeated → trigger relay]. Finally, wire the relay to a teleporter in the room where everyone is supposed to start [relay triggered → teleport here]. Then when 60 seconds is up, trigger a respawner device that respawns all players via relay.


ok I’ll try this thx

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