Is this new? or did i get scammed

So the new shop reset and as any normal person i grinded tag until my weekly xp was max then i checked my balance to see i had 1,750 before i grinded i had 1,000 what happend?

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look here is this too

it says 1750…

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no i does’int it says 15,000




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see that is the thing with yall you can flag flag flag but don’t like it if someone flags you

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i understand but everything i do yall flag me for it

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see what i mean bro thanks for proving my point

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don’t flag this randomly (even though this is getting off-topic) just don’t reply to this


Yeah, plus Jordan is kinda being rude :confused:

dude we can see what you are saying

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soooo do yall know the problem cause my topic is NOT off-topic its in the bugs i didn’t get all my gim coins i think it may be a bug