Is This Gamemode Possible To Make?

I Want To Make Ground Wars From Minecraft. If You Don’t Know What It Is, Go Look It Up.
(What to look up: Minecraft the Hive ground wars.) I Don’t Need To Be Told How To Do It, I Just Need To Make Sure It Is Possible Before I Make It So I Don’t Waste Time. Think Of Any Aspect That Wouldn’t Be Possible In Vanilla GKC (No Mods, No Texture Packs).
(I Am Not Going To Add The Building Mechanic. I May When Building Is Released.)

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Honestly to me it just looks like you need 2 separate teams with 2 separate sides and fight. It looks simple enough, it seems like it is just a regular fighting game because you aren’t adding building.

Yeah, But The Actual Ground Taking And Conquering Of Rows Is My Main Issue. You Claim A Row Every Time You Knock Someone Out On The Other Team, And If You Take All The Rows, Your Team Wins.