Is this Braking System Good?

I have a braking system, but the gims really don’t need to brake, so here is my system for it, and I want to see if it is good or not.

So, there is an overlay that slows the person down (uses a speed property and LOTS of speed modifiers). I have 2 ideas for this.

  1. If the person hasn’t braked by a certain point, the person will crash.
  2. If the person hasn’t decreased their speed to a certain level by a certain point (depends on the corner), they will crash.

Some more ideas would also be great.

I think 2 is more realistic, but 1 is pretty ok too. One idea could be to try to add colision between players to see if they have crashed.

This can be very abusable as one can brake for an extremely short amount of time and maintains their speed mostly.

Better, but what if you don’t need to brake very much?

I don’t see how to do that. Mayve tag zones?

My braking will reduce the speed to a certain level though.

Alright, in that cause, property 1 can work, but may be a bit abrupt.

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I think 2 is pretty good. What type of game is this for?


I suggest that if the player goes super-speed and then turns without braking, they spin out and crash?

Well, if they hit the wall, there would be an 80% chance of a crash.