Is this a good Thumbnail?

Hey guys on a scale of one to ten could you rate my thumbnail for the platformer map I’m making when it comes to season ticket holders.


A good 7/10! My advice:

  1. The stuff at the top looks a little jumbled, maybe space it out?
  2. I love the gims! The hand looks a little weird, maybe erase that line below the fingers?
  3. The triangles look nice, but maybe add an outline, or make them smaller?

Overall, one of the best Canva thumbnails i’ve seen!
(I do hand drawn, so…)


I would not do the “Buh - Bye” & instead do bye-bye. It’s really good and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

pretty good

also next time art is only for guides

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Thank you so much, this is really good for a first reply, as I’m new to the forums.

Thank you so much for the support

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Ohhhh, that makes more sense, thanks for the info


No problem! Just helping a fellow gimkit-er out!

I suggest making the gims and text bigger and more centered as once you use it. It’s going to appear a lot smaller

Okay will do thanks!

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