Is this a good idea?

How about when you have something off-topic to say, you say something on topic, and then put the off-topic post in “hide details” to prevent clutter? Sort of like this:

“That 3D terrain looks great! How did you make it?”

Off topic

I used to hate geometry, but my teacher actually explained it really well, so I’m now an enthusiast lol

what i mean is ideas for the second part of the gimkit the first part is them running through a maze and fighting sentrys the second part will contain lasers and sentries but I need to know where it should be

Are you in the correct post?

oh whops sorry but sure do that my bad sorry

Noice idea.


I don’t like geometry that much, put I like integers now.


Off topic

Trigonometric Substitution for integrals is really annoying, you have to use trigonometric identities, and you can make lots of mistakes.

Also, @Blackhole927 and @NavyCatZ, what do you think of this idea?

Great idea, though I feel like the off topic thing will bring attention to it, which is the last thing you want to do.

Hmm… what do you think we should call it?

I just realized that we finally hit over 1000 users on the forum!

I think maybe we should call the details “P.S.” or something.


I’m pretty sure we’ve had 1,000+ users for a long time.

That seems like a good idea.


Nvm then

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