Is this a bug? How would it work?

Lol, that doesn’t make sense, but I think the reason it works is because, that’s kind of how wires work.

Still wish it would make 2 points happen

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BUMP for the bug bunnies!

It should not be possible to wire something to itself. This is probably two different flags.
(edit) I missread that sorry. It would just do nothing or it might capture twice. . .

Bump for Bugs!

I think its a loop. if you capture the flag, the flag is captured!
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I still wonder how this works.

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how what works? why it lets you do that or what happens what you do that? we explained what happens if you run it, so if you still don’t understand you might wanna get that checked out

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There are two outcomes.

  1. Probably it will capture the color depending if the color is in the place being captured
  2. It just glitches.

When you capture the flag, the flag gets captured. I don’t think it’s a bug.

Why can you do that?

basically another reapeater but with flags XD

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Wait, homemade repeater? Lol.