Is there such a thing as an auto-remove player system without manually removing a player?

Instead of manually removing a player, is there such a thing as an auto-kicker? Like for example, A player steps onto a trigger, and they get removed from the game.

Trigger -> respawn troll (or spectator)

you could make them a spectator

but i don’t believe you can kick people using a gimkit device

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I mean you could make their name a property and make it show up on the host’s screen [via overlay] and the host would know who to kick

That would require an indefinite number of properties and be unreliable.

Also, OP, you can just use barriers to block off areas.

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What do you mean by an infinite amount of properties? You only need a handful.


Yeah, but that isn’t really kicking them. The game host can already kick people with the existing Gimkit settings.

You can use that to switch them to spectator, which is basically kicking them. But then again, you could just use gimkit’s kick function instead of that guide. You’d have to use spectator as a substitute no matter what.

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maybe just make the “kick” payload be a respawn for the player every 0.1 seconds via a wire repeaters loop, which basically kicks the player.

you could lag them… by making them open a questioner screen with a no kit (only in showcase)

Actually it would only require one. Just make a trigger get the triggering player’s name (person we want to kick) and add that name to a list. Then the overlay can then display the list of names that are to be kicked to the host