Is there anything to make this thumbnail better?

Screenshot 2024-02-23 8.04.53 PM
Ps: Is this allowed?
If it isn’t nobody reply for 10 mins

a more cartoon background would look better also some of the gims look like their floating


Yeaa that’s more like it just a suggestion but I would add a plane flying over dropping bombs


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why are all the gims with parachutes day 1?

IDK those were only the Gims that were in that position…


Anymore ideas? Closing this topic soon…

I have no more ideas, but maybe make the day one gims fire their blasters at Legobuilder

oh good idea… but how will I get da blast thing?

Use this guide, I think it has it

the background looks too realistic for the gims

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It wasnt in there but got it:

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So even more cartoonist?

Maybe make it look like they are running?

Ummmm I don’t have the dodge or wolf skin…

i was thinking that you should make the background yourself and make it detailed enough so the gims dont look weird (as in too realistic/unrealistic for the background)

You can add white lines to show them moving

Ok working on @gimmaster12345 and @eiqcrmeliutgwhc suggestions brb

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