Is there anything i could add to this

i think ist good its a loby for tower defence game and also i need a statue in the middle but don know how
i wan the statue to be a gimkit holding a golden carrot like a sword

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I think you should change the trees because it looks strange when you have snowy trees yet nothing else is snowy.

okay i will theres no propper summer trees

what about now

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Fountain emoji and barrier…

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okay i will try it sounds good

Wait… But the golden statue… on top of the fountain!

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yes what s wrong ???

I was giving you an idea. By putting the statue on top of the fountain, it means that is stands taller, everything looks more centered, and it looks like a good crossroads. I also suggest more decoration near the paths.

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okay i understand i do have a statue

but i dont know how to do the gim bit

Sentry? Hmm… It’s hard, maybe REALLY small barrier art, yeah no. Fake gims are good if you practice a lot, maybe make it out of emojis?

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I suggest that. I use emojis for a lot of my architecture and art

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soo… idk if this is a good idea but maybe there could be towers you can go into (via teleporter, they work in lobby) and they send the player to towers on the four sides.

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I think adding signs to where those paths lead.

Happy fourth of july.

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good idea thank you
:mirror_ball: :partying_face: :us: :us:

whos should i solution

the one that helped you the most

okay i will, thank you guys

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