Is there any way to manipulate the physics in gkc to make a knockback effect?

so the reason I’m saying this is cuz

  1. I want to “yeet” peeps into the sun
  2. why not?
  3. (extra side note) pls don’t bring up the suggestions site if I wanted to make a suggestion I would have gone there myself ._.
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No there is not a way to manipulate physics. The way you can fling people into the sun [1] is to use quick animation. By shortening the teleportation time into 0.1-0.2 seconds of teleportation. it should work.

  1. :rofl: ↩︎

yeh I tried that lol (turns out that you cant rapidly teleport someone at the lowest delay and have it be smooth :frowning: ) I would say it probs be possible by modding but idk

… weird, can you do that with like props. I wonder why you can’t do it to players.

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Not yet but I guess you could use teleporters to make that effect

would speed modifiers help at all?

speed modifiers don’t affect gravity in platformer mode that much but they do somewhat

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I know. My friend kinda made a flinging system that the player manual has to do with speed modifiers. Teleporters prob are still your best bet


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you can make a coordinate system (very small) and then have the player teleported to the coordinate beside them

yes.yeet the children