Is there any way to get xp on a map you made?

I would really like to know if that is a thing

nope… You cant…also welcome to the forums

You can only earn XP from answering questions on a Questioner with only one answer correct (I think you can add multiple but not all, not sure though)

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is it a good thing That almost everyone has been welcoming to the forums?

Only through answering questions.

It isn’t really a good thing or a bad thing its just we want to welcome new people. (although nobody welcomed me to the forums. :unamused: still petty about that to this day)

well heres a late welcome to the forums

Thanks :joy:

A welcome to you too.

Welcome to the forums @Rusty. Definitely written on Sep 26 when I wasn’t even here

OH MY GOD! Of course how could I have missed that???

Why are you petty?

I found a welcome written on the day you joined!

OH MY GOD! Of course how could I have missed that???

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@Haiasi I feel like you shouldn’t be encouraging this. Now that I’m thinking about it this is kinda off-topic :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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