Is there any way to copy/paste in Gimkit creative?

I’ve recently been working on one of my Gimkit creative maps, and I need to replicate large parts of the map. Does anyone know of a way to copy/paste??

Highlight/select areas by dragging your cursor. Then press C

Hover over what you want to copy and press “C”!

I know how to drag out over an area, but it doesn’t show me it’s selected. This makes it so I can’t copy-paste. Is there a specific way to highlight one area of the map?

Just drag your cursor like on windows. Hover over one of the devices in the group, press C, and it will move all devices in the group
(Except for a select few types, including zones)

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Thank you so much! This really helped!

if you select an area by dragging over it, it should put borders around it’s hitbox. you should be able to move them then. You cannot duplicate terrain currently

Copy = C and Paste = Click