Is there any item the looks like a pipe?

Im thinking of making a game where you fix a house and you can go to a store to buy products like pipes if there are any items you know of please list them.

Search up metal pole

That might work but im looking for items not props sorry.

Metal pole then tint how u like for different levels of pipes and could use emojis on text for the other pipe details.

well you can’t make custom items yet sooooo

he talking about items not props

U can’t use items for but maybe you can use a property or a pass lets you use a pipe thats down in the fixing area

They’re asking for an item that looks like a pipe

Thats a good idea!!

The only thing I can think of are keys and gray seeds, then you can use checkers to make them do stuff.

(100 solutions, yay!)

Ill go look at them.

have a stack of metal pole props, then buy keys or keycards to use them

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