Is there any guides on name linked systems?

y’know like whatever the players name is, they can like enter a specific zone, or like a god mode zone???

No, there isn’t a guide.

no i want to make a guide and i was wondering if there was one already

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So do you already have a guide made and you just haven’t posted it or are you asking how to do it because I was actually about to make one

i was gonna make a guide on it, as i was using it in my gkc map

There isn’t a guide for it @The_7th_Dragon


okay thx

Boy I cant wait to see this

its actually really easy!

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@The_7th_Dragon I’ve done some work recently on name recognization so if you need it with your guide just ask. The update for my voting guide should come out later this week and I think it could help you.

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ill keep an eye out!

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