Is there any device solely to transmit on a channel?

read the headline

what would you need that for? anyways, text is usually the best to use for blocks, which include transmitting on channels? and again, what would you need that for? how would that work?

I’m using a counter for my reactor, and reaching the target does not transmit on a channel

use a wire from the counter instead

and again, how would a device like that work?

My reactor thing doesn’t work. I have the counter to count down via repeater, and I have 2 zones to power down the reactor. When the counter reaches 2, it should send a signal out to the repeater and counter to stop the repeater and reset the counter. However, this does not work, and the counter keeps counting down. Thus, I’m trying to use channels instead.

Okay, just use wires. But I’m asking, how would that kind of device work?? Would it be triggered by wires? I just don’t understand what you mean by “a device solely to transmit on a channel.”

Yes, to transmit a channel on the behalf of another device that cannot do so.

I do believe that’s called a trigger.