Is there another place where i can share this link

sry abt that guys i fized it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

wait, what do you need help with? what bug do you have?

You aren’t supposed to give your games in the forum, even if it’s only for someone else’s friends to play to. It’s called advertising, no matter what it is.

Beluga, you got banned already on the discord, now you are breaking forum rules. This is clearly a showcase, not a help post, we are not stupid. Please stop. If you can’t use online sites like this, then don’t.


this is just a respose to @ecraig5871 cuz his post is still closed

well, @ecraig5871 hasn’t even been active.

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what gimsolver said, and also it is off topic, so you shouldn’t post it

sry wont do it again

what do u mean???

You fixed it actually, nevermind.

now anwser my question

I don’t know.

Idk. off topic so you might wanna mark a solution

nevermind got it my request to go into the server is still pending tho

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