Is there a way we could make a flappy bird system?

Is it possible if we could make a platformer map and make it so we could make some type of system where you can double jump multiple times without stopping?

I don’t think there is a system to double jump multiple times without stopping, but it sounds like a good idea.

I was thinking we could make a bunch of inactive invisible barriers and put lots of triggers that activate it in less than 0.1 seconds, then deactivate. but it seems like it wouldd take a lot of memory and would be complicated.

a lot of it would be complicated, but I’m sure there is a way to do it.
we just need to know how to though…

Seems possible now that you say it. But, like you said, it would probably take lots of memory.

nothings Impossible, or in this case Gimpossible, but it would take a while to brainstorm a way to do ti…

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In the words of Blackhole927, nothing is impossible. I think we could work out a way to do this properly.

You could make a coordinate so when you coordinate = some thing activate barrier then deactivate to give you double jump back.

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You could just make it so the player is supposed to jump and LAND on the poles… but that’s just my lack of imagination. Be creative!

I actually think this is possible. We could bring this idea to life. But, let’s think about the functions we need.


Yeah I think so. I remember that Apollo2 made platformer in top-down mode called gimjumper and if you modified that a bit then you could maybe get flappy bird.

I mean, you could add props to get people on to reset their double jump and put a conveyer belt on the prop

I’m not sure, but I made a pipe design for you!
Screenshot 2024-05-18 6.38.12 PM
And if you want the colors, the shadows are 0,66,4 and the general pipe is 0,133,9

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That could be used for Mario as well! Looks good!

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I have an Idea!!

I don’t have the season ticket, but maybe have a barrier spawn over the player?

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oh my… the player coordinate device takes up 4 WHOLE MEMORY!! :0
makes sense though.

okay so first you have to have a zone.whenever a player enters the zone, it has a barrier that spawns under them for 0.1 second. that gives them a double jump! I will test it out.


I don’t think that will work. Here’s my reasoning. When you jump and then bonk your head on something above you it will remove all of the momentum you had from that jump. Similarly that would also happen if you suddenly added a barrier that spawned beneath them.


so i think josh once said in the future there would be an update on how many jumps a player gets… etc.