Is there a way to start a countdown when a button is pressed?

I am trying to put the finishing touches on my map!!! please help!!!

Yes, actually! Would you like it stored in a property or on a counter?

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For counter, set the starting value to the number of seconds you want the countdown to last. Next, connect a button or other trigger to a wire repeater/trigger by wire/channel, so that when the button is pressed, the trigger/repeater sends the pulse back out with a delay of 1 second. Make it so that when the channel/wire pulse is received by the counter, the count is decremented by one. Make it so that when the counter is decremented by one, it sends a wire pulse/same channel the button used back to the trigger/repeater. Make it so that when the repeater/trigger sends back the message, the button is deactivated.


thanks Cameron_Sharer

Hold on, this might not work because the only way the counter will send out a pulse is when the target value is reached, is there another way? Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I tried this so many times I thought I might get it to work, but no!

If I’m not wrong, they meant to say “target value reached.”