Is there a way to simulate fall damage using pseudo health?

So in like a platformer map, when you fall and hit a surface you will take more fall damage the higher you are.

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Try zones, so when they hit the zone (the terrain or prop), they lose some pseudo-health.

That would be tough… Maybe just try the initial damage instead of getting that literal?

What if you’re recovering and jumping up? Then you would be hurt for jumping.

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But how would we make you lose more the higher you are (when you fall)

you add zones that decrease pseudo health
so when you are higher you pass through more zones which means more damage

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So you could have zones that as you go higher up, increase a property of height. Then you could make it so there is a large zone at the bottom which will make you take the damage of the height property. The only problem is detecting when the player is falling or on the ground. To do this you could add a zone on every surface of the game which would be slightly over the edge of the object the player is standing on to detect when the player is touching the ground. Then whenever the player is not touching any of those zones, you could over time increase a “damage” property until the player is in the zone again, and then subtract health based on how big this property is.

When you pass through a zone, it deactivates.

But there is no scope for zones

Maybe relays? Oof, this is a tough one.

No, even with relays the zones will deactivate/activate for everyone

I just got an idea.
Triggers have scope, so we can deactivate/active them for the player only

zone -> trigger -> counter

And we can freely “deactivate” [1] the zone without scope issues

  1. we would actually deactivate the trigger ↩︎

Okay! Just test and if it works, mark a solution.

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I will test it later, I cannot right now

Well, Im just a beginner but this should work:

(No wires becuase its a demo.)
Basically, when you step on the first platform (by trigger collision), it activates a zone below the cardboard box which decreases a counter-linked property.
When you step on the second platform, we activate the zone below it as well. Since we can’t decrement counters two times in a single wire pulse, we wire the zone to a trigger(clock) with a max trigger of 2 and wire that trigger to the counter-(linked)property (we use the same counter and property for all the platforms). The result is if the player falls while on the second platform, it takes away 2 (pseudo)-health instead of one, which the original player would have taken if they fell from the first platform. (Also there are no wires as it’s just a demo)
This was a bit confusing for me what was psudo health but I searched it up and looked for similar questions. The ultimate guide for every device helps a lot.

Tip: if the gaps between props aren’t that big, you can use triggers as they are much more memory efficient in smaller gaps between platforms,

Edit Ok scrap that. I dont think the triggers on the platformers were necessary, you can just use the zones and trigger(clock/s) to take away extra pseudo health


that’s kinda like a guide, cool!


Oooh, idea! @Platypus_King, you should make a guide! Now that I think about it, you should make a guide to cello! (If it works.)

No its pretty short and simple and when somebody asks the question again somebody can just link my post. Im a bit lazy to expand it as it’s already short and simple and can be expanded by the player to be a lot bigger so probably no.

But it would be cool though.

This concept should work:

Keep track of the approximate player height using a zone coordinate system. Save the player’s height every second. Next second, find the difference in hight, and save that. When player hits ground, apply damage based on the last saved difference in height.


well it can go under the category of a mini guide kinda, but that’s fine, if you don’t want to make a guide out of it that’s your decision, not mine.

sounds good…

just don’t know if it will work