Is there a way to move body parts of a Gimkit skin?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, as I couldn’t find any other forums for this, but is it possible to get a picture of a gimkit skin and move the legs and/or head? I’m working on an animation based on Gimkit.

No, I think that the only way would be photoshop, or maybe inspect… So far

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No, you can’t. Sorry.

Maybe check the Gimkit discord? They might have something.

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Sadly, In game gimkit, its impossible to do that

if you are doing this in photoshop or for making an animation outside of the actual game you can inspect the page (if you don’t have administrative restrictions) and go to sources and click the image folder. This will give you the template for the skin that gimkit uses to create the character.

Here’s what it should look like on Apple

To inspect the page right click and hit inspect page

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