Is there a way to make your view more larger?

Hi, I’m working on a game (chapter 3 of arcade de dinaswa) and im trying to add an Easter egg but idk how to make it so that the camera gets bigger.

We can’t do that right now :frowning:

Aw man, Thats sucks :frowning:

you can’t do that right now, all you can do is use the camera device to srink your view, though when editing you map you can go into the editing options and increase your view, but it only works when editing.

oh ok so go into the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen then click the tab labeled editing options and after you click that look at the yellow bar as the first option, drag that to 0 and you will see your view increase.

Ok, thank you. this would help.

no problem, let me know if you need anything else!

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