Is there a way to make your player start with 0 ammo?

I have made separate weapon that can break certain blocks with limited (evil eye). I’ve made the weapon using an overlay and an item granter (among other things). Now all I need to do is make it so that when you have zero ammo left and you switch your weapon. you don’t automatically get 4 ammo out of thin air. (the ammo that is already in the gun)

No, you can’t remove the ammo from the gadget…

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Is there really NO way you can do it. not even with blocks?

nope! Getrithked was trying to figure out some way around this…

@getrithekd could you help?

you make it down to 1, but not zero, at least as far as i know.

Well cant find out now LOL.

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You can’t do anything with the ammo in the gadget. Once it’s in there, it’s gone. It’s at the point of no return.

I was so close to getting it perfect!!!

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It won’t though. Is @Rusty calling anyone stupid?

No, but people like to flag and that is an exception.

What do you mean by exception?

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