Is There A Way To Make This Easier?

So, I Am Making A Maze Creator Sandbox Game Where You Can Build Walls, But For Every Wall, I Have To Go Through And Change Every Channel. Is There An Easier Way To Do This?
What I Have So Far:

The stuff under the buttons are barriers. (Me, using eyedropper be like)
There are 2 buttons stacked on top of each other for every button
Right Now The Channels Are Following A Pattern. Pattern: Plot # Row # Column # Appear/Disappear for the barriers So The First One Would Be p1r1c1Appear

…i dont think there is anyway to make THAT easier.


You could make it like if you entered a zone, you had a choice to build one of four walls by doing popups/game overlays. But with buttons, reinforcing what @LEPRECON2024 said, there is not a way. If this helps, please mark a solution.

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If there isn’t an easier way to do it, is there a faster way to edit them?
(Editing tips, things that make it faster, etc.)

Not really. Maybe set up a document with all the channels, and if there is a bug, check to see if there is a duplicate channel. Anc you can copy from document to the pair of wall and button.

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Maybe make the button on automatic and then use triggers to make them go faster?

people wouldnt be able to choose to build with triggers unless you did a popup with call to actions.

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No, I mean when you press the button it activates a trigger with a speed of like 0.1 seconds and then it builds it?

No, you can’t. I had to do that 50+ times in my bedwars, and I still am.

…Thats tough.
@ModerateCape86 sorry, i couldnt help more…

Sorry, but I don’t know how to help you. :cat: Good luck solving your problem, @ModerateCape86!

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