Is there a way to make someone invisible/make an item make someone invisible?

I want to make some sort of ghost system/invisible system for my maps, however, I am not sure how to make something like that. Is there a way to make someone invisible or make an item make someone invisible?

Yes, if you click on the item, you should go to appearance. Then were it says alpha (adjust the transparency of the prop 0 invisible, 1 visible) so if you want it invisible, put it to 0. Hope this helps!

not exactly, I mean that I want an item to make the player invisible, like invisibits.

I actually asked this question a couple days ago here’s the Link.

The easiest way that the community has figured out is to activate a barrier for everyone besides the player that activated it, that covers the whole map and is the same color as the floor.

@PerSiberian Ok, do you mean you want the player to perchase the item in order for them the be invisible, if so go to devices, search for vending machine.

The ivisibits have not been added to GKC yet.

@horses_are_awesome, the invisabit hasn’t been added to GKC yet.

@ClicClac GKC? Srry but wdym?

Gimkit Creative
I think

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Ah, ok! Thank you! When I’m in creative, I do see invisabits as an option

Wut? How? Can you send a picture?

Sure, hold on one sec

Or there had been an hour ago, might have been a glitch I dont see it anymore srry

It’s fine! Invisabits are just popular request, and if they were silently added, that would save me and my fellow helpers a lot of time!

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True, it would!! I’ll let you know if it happens again or if i see it in the game

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or you can make them a spectator with team switcher

You are correct.

But if you do that they are out of the game.

Agreed, I would love if they added invisbits.

Like usual, I have already hit my daily like limit. :pensive:

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