Is there a way to make Pseudo-Inven?

well, making a property for every item in the game is a bit hard lol

Buttons and overlays galore.

No I dont need help. I was just going to verify if it was possible, so that when I make it and it fails, I do waste 69 hours.

Or you could use text operations to compile them into one property.

Have a button that says “Store Items”
Make sure to have properties for every item(That is NOT easy, @getrithekd! You would need one for EVERY ITEM)
Now, Have Item Granters FOR EVERY ITEM grant -(Your property)
Then, when you want to access it, have a button that grants you all your stuff

??? You mean the text device?

Its easy, just pretty tedious.

How would the items look or do they not have a look and you just require the “item” to do said task


Well yeah, but you have to keep track of everything, and that means TONS of Item Granters

? Just use counters.

Yeah, but if you want to grant and un-grant the items…

Okay. I got a solution. Yes. Please stop replying so I can close this.

you can use a modified system of the bank only using a bit more devices and properties like @getrithekd mentioned How to Create a Bank with a Deposit/Withdrawal System | Difficulty: 🟨

WOW this seems like an interesting concept and something pseudo i can finally understand!

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Would you like me to make a guide on it later on?

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Sure! That would be nice! Just make sure to credit the people who helped you in this guide!

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Dude. Properties aren’t hard at all. Just make a counter that is connected to a property and some triggers that’s it. The counter and the checker will do all the work. Let’s say you want to track apples collected. There are no apples currently in the game or metal or gimgulp. Create a property called “apples” or “apples_count” and then have a specific place where you want the property to update such as an orchard or an apple tree. It’s simple.

@clef Actually can I make the guide so we can collab? I can make a wiki


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