Is there a way to make Pseudo-Inven?

Is there? Please tell me. (By “Inven” I mean Inventory)

In what way?

Like extra storage?

A. Do you know what pseudo is?
B. I mean an second inventory to store item that are not in-game, such as a pickax or an ax.
(Sorry if I was a bit rude)

A: yes

B: depends in what sense

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Are the items just going to be there or do you want to make them usable?

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They will be usable.

yeah, you probably can create a pseudo inventory by using tons of properties and block code, but it would be very hard :skull:

Im not sure there is a guide about it yet, someone needs to do it, since its a good, but very hard , and tedious idea

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Oh yeah. Use a property.

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There is a way. You would have to have a property to count everything, though.

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It would need a property per item lol. Not too hard. Don’t make blocks sound too hard.

If you want to make them usable I can’t help you there

Well if you use a property

well, making a property for every item in the game is a bit hard lol

Buttons and overlays galore.

No I dont need help. I was just going to verify if it was possible, so that when I make it and it fails, I do waste 69 hours.

Or you could use text operations to compile them into one property.

Have a button that says “Store Items”
Make sure to have properties for every item(That is NOT easy, @getrithekd! You would need one for EVERY ITEM)
Now, Have Item Granters FOR EVERY ITEM grant -(Your property)
Then, when you want to access it, have a button that grants you all your stuff

??? You mean the text device?

Its easy, just pretty tedious.