Is there a way to make it so that sentrys can't attack you, but you can?

Is there a way to make it so that sentrys can’t attack you, but you can?

add a tiny barrier below

make sure to check before posting

what do you mean by that

Use small circle barriers?

This is almost gimpossible.

It is not gimpossible edit the barrier and make it as small as you can

No, the fact that same team damage is currently not possible.

Should I mark a solution?(sorry i’m kinda new) and if so, which one?

Which reply helped the most

Well you wanna damage your allies?

I have a question, why would you need to be able to attack sentries, but they can’t attack you?

Well hmmmmm actually I don’t know


I made a guide saying how to make a sentry not attack anyone, but you can’t hit it

the link above makes you able to hit the sentry and the sentry can’t hit you

target dummies

Ok, thank you for giving context!

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Honestly if you’re doing target dummies, just make damageable props.

but then you would have too damage all the props

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