Is there a way to make a "tube kaboom" (not trying to get yeeted into shadow realm so I used synonyms)

If you watch the purge series then ykyk

Well, if you are using a button to open the thing, then just wire the button to a trigger (With the block code of a randomizer) and if the number equal the number of your choice make it broadcast on channel “Your Choice” then get a team switcher set to specific team (Spectator) and make it switch the player team when receiving on “Your Choice”
How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version))

This is the very solution you need also it must be pipe bomb, right?

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Nooooo now Microsoft family is going to block it for him. :sob:

please dont say yeeted that was used in like 2019 and 2020 please bro do us a favor no offense

you use Microsoft family? oof [1]

  1. no pun intended ↩︎

what the heck is microsoft family???

Just saying this is three months old. Why would you reply to this?
Please stop.

Google it.
Also pls don’t necropost.

oh sho0t
it shot to the top of my topic page
I thought it was recent

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Ok, so when you open something it goes to blocks and is: set variable “Random” to → random integer from 1 to 5 → if variable = 1 then oh it’s three months old…

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