Is there a way to make a text indented

So I’m making a lobby and you enter a group but there has to be 2 players but I want it to show how many players are there I know it is not needed but I was wondering can you make a text entered in block code:

See how that is indented?

I want that text to be entered
In game:
Screenshot 2024-01-27 9.58.07 PM

Keep spacing until you get the distance you want. That’s what I do.

Ok?? Lemme try

Now it’s gone because of too many spaces
Screenshot 2024-01-27 10.01.50 PM

What @th3_ca1tsune said should work or maybe you can click tab .

By the way, only the teleporter and the camera view work in pre-game lobbies

Wat? what does that mean

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Before starting the game, nothing really works: no triggering, buying, shooting, or things like that. You can only get teleporters to teleport you and camera views to limit vision. So in that case, no properties can get updated

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Mine works perfectly well

Then you probably have a lobby after the host starts the game. In test mode when you hit start it skips the pregame lobby and goes right to your gamemode, which probably has its own lobby for teams

If you haven’t found a solution yet use this character. [‎ ] (its invisible)

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