Is there a way to make a teleporter invis but when i go through a diffrent portal it will show up

i need help if there is anyone to help me

for the colour of the teleporter make it 0 for the visibility
then add channels/wires to connect the 2 portals
if there is a colour change thig connect that somehow as well

if this isnt much help im not surprised, im not good at these things :grinning:
i probably made up that there is a colour changer thing but you never know

I don’t think teleporters can be hidden after the game starts.

wow that helps alot now i can continue thanks

wait you cant change the color o the teleporter look

Teleporters are not very versatile in customization. You can’t really deactivate them, change color, or hide them during game.

i dont know then. im stumped

You can not make invisible teleporters.
Also if you make them non-visible in game they wont work.

they should make more options for teleporters.
all you can really do with them is choose were you come out of.

you can make an invis teleporter that can be teleported to but not from via channels

you can make an invisible teleporter, and it still works in every way…

You could just put a barrier on it and then when you go through a portal the barrier will disappear.

oh guys i got it figured out so i put a button you have to press so when you teleport you cant go back

so i can just make it not visble in game easy sorry for this lol

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