Is there a way to make a sentry attack another sentry

I’m making a classroom in the map and wondered if I could get the sentry to point to the blackboard. I know that you can make the sentries on different teams but can I make one sentry point a wooden wand at the other and make it look like they are pointing at the board?

Make them on different teams.
If this works, don’t forget to mark a solution!

I tried that but they just sat there and didn’t do any thing

Make the sentries on opposite sides of the board and set the board to be damagable and have 100000000000 health.
This makes them shoot at it.

ok thats a good idea thank you

Remember, they removed sentries hitting props

I think you got confused.
Sentries are still able to shoot props, but the wire “Prop Destroyed” no longer triggers an event for them.

Also, this guide might help @a66y!

Huh? Let me see that?

Hold on.

You are right! It’s just sort of inconsistent

You have to time it right so when it’s about to shoot, you move to the prop, causing the sentry to shoot it.
Is it just me or did the sentry shooting props get less efficent after sentry-device interactions got patched?

I wished it was the way it used to…

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It did! They have to first target the player, then the player has to dodge the bullet, they will no longer home in on props, but can still destroy them

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I thought it was working but now they are just shooting at the player.

Place an invisible barrier around it.
This allows it to shoot at the blackboard without harming/damaging people/players.

Let me try and see if it changes anything

It worked, thank you

Are they actually trying to target each other? And the barriers are so they don’t harm players right?
Also the message on the black board is beautiful

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