Is there a way to make a repeater in block code?

If there is a way please tell me as I am very not smart

I think that is what recursion is. (Fixed thanks to @Blackhole927)


so i don’t know much about concatenation, but im pretty sure it’s not that.

Okay dang so I did the same method as concatenation I thought I wouldn’t have to do it

I don’t think so… but you can make it broadcast stuff that goes to an actual repeater.

There is a way but not purely block code and without a repeater or other loops.

ok I’ll do concatenation

Hello, yes. Broadcast on a channel, and have the trigger the block code is in receive on that channel. Make sure you set the trigger delay to however long you want in between interations.

If you only want to repeat a set amount of times, set a property to say, 10, and then decrease it each time the trigger is triggered. Only broadcast on the channel if the property is > 0.

(For anyone reading this in the future, the solution marked is wrong. This is recursion, not Concatenation.)


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