Is there a way to make a person on their own team, then on a team?

I have a game where the people are racing, them against all. but when they finish they teleport to a capture the flag map. once they have teleported, is there a way to make them on teams then? because if i make them teams at the start they can only beat people who aren’t on their team.

Use a team switcher. I’m on mobile so I can’t go into any detail.

Connect the teleporter the players teleporter to two triggers (player teleported here → trigger)

Make one of the triggers deactivated when the game starts. Connect the active trigger to a team switcher for team 1. You have to make sure there are spawn pads in the ctf area since you respawn when you switch teams. Connect the active trigger to the other trigger (triggered → activate.) also connect it to a wire repeater. Connect the wire repeater to the active trigger to deactivate it. Do the same for the other trigger but with a different team in the team switcher.


and will the people playing be able to tell what team they are on and who is not on their team?

In the map settings, turn ally and enemy indicators on.

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ok! tysm!!!

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