Is there a way to make a barrier for one team only?

im trying to make the end point unusable by one team

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You can use a team relay device!


Should be a setting for scope that looks like this:

Lifecycle (Game Start) > Trigger Relay (specific team)

Relay Trigger > Deactivate Barrier

Make sure the activated/deactivated scope is “team.”

is there a way to once all of the other team is in spectator the game ends

Sort of, make it to when all players on one team die, aka switch to spectator, the game ends.

Here is what you need to do;

“So first we’re gonna make a zone for where the players start, and when player enters zone---- repeat wire pulse (with repeater)
Block the wire pulse if it’s not from team (number here)
Add a wire from the wire repeater linking back to the zone with a 0.1 second delay that deactivates the zone.
Make the wire repeater increment a counter (that starts at 1 (the extra for the sheriff))
When counter reaches target (0), end game!”

Quoted from @Cameron_Sharer

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Yeah, i agree with you on that.


what devices would I be using for this machine?

Zones, repeater, and relay.

where does the relay come in?

I said relay? My bad, their is no relay. those are the devices needed, non else.

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is there a way to make it look like its night?

Add black barriers with a high alpha.

Yes place a black barrier on 0.10 visability and it give you map a dark night look.

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