Is there a way to import your own assets?

I’m trying to make a replica of Work At A Pizza Place (from roblox) in gimkit and everything is going well but there is no car or pizza box asset I could find. I have them drawn already but I can’t figure out how to add them into the game. Is it possible? :frowning:

You would have to use mods. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to publish your map if you did.


understood :(,
if I used mods, would I be able to play with friends still?

I dont know, I’ve never used mods.

alright, thanks for helping :slight_smile:

yeah, gimkit can’t upload your own assets, and frankly, i dont want it to happen either. Because then all good gimkit maps will just be hand drawn stuff, and skilled device creators that are bad at art will never get a good map review.
Conclusion: No, and if that does get implemented, it would kinda suck.

PS: then there wouldn’t be art guides anymore
PPS: it would be really hard for josh to do it too

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