Is there a way to have the people teleport to a certain place based on what team they are on? Also

I have 2 questions, but the first one might not be possible.

  1. I have a game where the people are racing, them against all. but when they finish they teleport to a capture the flag map. once they have teleported, is there a way to make them on teams then? because if i make them teams at the start they can only beat people who arent on their team.
  2. Also, when they get teleported is there a way to make it so people on team 1 teleport to the team 1 side, while team 2 gets teleported to the team 2 side?

Yes! Use a relay, set it to “Relay for all players on a specific team”, and wire it to a teleporter. In the wire, select the options “relay triggered” on the right, and “teleport here” on the left.
(I can’t access GKC right now, so those wire options aren’t word for word)

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ok! thanks!!!


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thank you!!!

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