Is there a way to have live codes in a gimkit and update while people are playing?

Is there a way so I can post codes in gimkit while people are playing and update real time?

You aren’t allowed to post live codes in discovery.

you can’t post live codes in a posted game. It can get you banned from gimkit for 7 days. Just ask @THEHACKER120


If your trying to get the code, you can use counters and triggers.


Set counter to 0.

Get the trigger. Wire it to the counter. When triggered —> Increase by one.

Then you can make it so there is a target value. If it reaches the target[10] You can make it so there is 10 triggers and they will turn it to 0

Yay! I hope it helps

ok nvm srryyyyyy but i hope that helps

Nah. Even if you could, you’ll get BANNED

u could just share it with your friends then end game and fix bugs?

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