Is there a way to get multiple signals from one button

im trying to make one button that assigns the first person to press it to a different team than everyone else. Then make teams teleport to different places.

Wires i think would work

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welcome, @caleb, just connect wires between the button and what you want to do.
button pressed–(the device)

This isn’t that hard!

Arrows mean wires or channels

  1. Button → Team Switcher (Button pressed, switch team to designated team)

This will switch the player who presses it to team two.

  1. Same Button → Wire Repeater (Button pressed, repeat wire pulse)
  2. Same Wire Repeater → Same Button (Wire pulse received, deactivate button)

This deactivates the button after the first press.

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Well, you could have the button switch the person’s team first and then place relay that’s triggered by the same channel that teleports everyone.

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If you want multiple signals at once, use a button wired to triggers.
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Or, you could deactivate it by using a trigger with 1 max trigger (global).

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