Is there a way to erase more than one at a time

if there is I need to know

click and drag to the area you want to delete and then click backspace. Does not work on terrain

also has a limit to the amount you delete

what’s the deleted limit

idk. I just delete it over and over

you can set the eraser to terrain only

hey theres no easy way to do so i just tap the screen insted of click

yeah ig

ok is there to erase terrain more than one at a time

oh ok thanks @Lostsea3

eraser and set it to terrain and click 3

nope i just use touch screen for that then clicking

if you don’t have touchscreen, click and hold, then delete

oh ok that’s a lot better

only goes up to 3 and placing goes up to 4 though

that dosent work at all

its ok 3 is a lot better

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if so, mark a solution

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you when you make an entire house, only to realise you set everything to “walls”
Screenshot 2024-03-21 3.53.32 PM
The agony…

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frfr lol

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