Is there a way to end a game when there is one person remaining?

I need this quick my friend is waiting!

Yes there is.
1)Put a zone where all your players spawn at
2)place down a counter with a target value of 1
3)wire your zone up to the counter and have it increment the counter when a player enters the zone
4)place down the end game device and wire the counter to it so when the counter reaches target, game ends
5) make it so when a player dies it transmits on a channel.
6) decrement counter on said channel

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Wait! But then it will pass one! You must start it at two, and use a lifecycle, a wire repeater, wires, and a trigger:

Lifecycle: When game starts ----------> Trigger(delay very, very short, but still there)
Trigger: On trigger ---------> WIRE REPEATER ---------------> Decrement Counter
Trigger: On trigger ---------> Decrement Counter


Oh yes he has a point

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I have used this sort of mechanism before, in my Freeze Tag map.

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It’s @Peter_File’s solution. Give him the credit. I just pointed out a flaw.

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