Is there a way to do this?

I am making a boss game and I want it so that when you enter a zone you get a popup, I have that part but what I want is for the popup to only show once.

Add a counter which activates the popup

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you could use triggers instead and make it so it deactivates once you step on it

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It could look something like this
Screenshot 2023-12-26 6.12.01 PM

you could add a counter so whenever someone leaves the zone or closes popup it increments counter and whenever its incremented deactivate whatever. (just a theory) :person_shrugging:
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You could have one pop up, a zone, and a counter. Wire the zone and popup so When Player Enters Zone -> Open Popup and also wire the zone so When Player Enters Zone -> Increment Counter and have the counter set default 0 and target value 1. Then make a channel for when reached target value broadcast “Channel Name” then on the popup, put the channel in the spot of deactivate popup when received “Channel Name”(Same as the last one)
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Bro could literally set it to popup closes>deactivate zone.

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