Is there a way to d m someone in the forums without breaking code of conduct? or getting off topic?

so i need to contact @anon77025890 for a map collab tho wix is blocked 4 him and gcc is blocked for me so is there a way to d m someone in the forums? or do you have to be a certain trust level witch i have no idea how to gain

Unfortunately, there is no way to Direct Message on here

When Josh made the forum he disabled it

huh mk well can you explain trust level real quick i kinda need a better understanding of it tho what i understand from it is that sometimes it can be granted by a mod

whatever i’ll look it up real quick

Oh sorry let me find a link…

no worries i found it


Here’s a guide about trust levels!

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Yep, Josh disabled it for the privacy of the people here as most people here are students.

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