Is There a Way to Compare 2 Properties without blocks?

Using the checker device only allows you to compare a property to a number. Not a property to a property. Is there a memory efficient way to do this? I have a way to do it that used 280 memory instead of 500, but still.

No, unless you already know what both properties should be at which we probably don’t.

How did you do this without blocks?

Use blocks and the <> symbols

You could use a heck of a ton of checkers…

I just used a bunch of checkers. The properties can only be numbers 1-4 so I just checked if property1 = 1 which would transmit on a channel to check if property2 = 1 if it passed, but if it didn’t it would check for 2 with 2 more checkers, then for 3 with 2 more checkers, etc.

Basically just using 8 checkers for replacements of a block.

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Pretty much my idea too. I just hoped there was another way…

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